Yakushima 2010 : 3-Hike Day 2 Over the Top


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1-Portable Toilet Tent

1-Yamagoya Inside


3-Golden trees

3-Marshland 3

3-Peeling Tree Skin

3-Tagging trees


4-Hilltop 3

4-Pit 2

5-Hilltop 1

6-Last ascent 7

6-Last ascent Before Top

6-Last ascent view to top

7-Top Half cloud sky

7-Top Luggage

7-Top Sea of clouds 1

7-Top Sign 2

8--Blocker-deer 2

8-Cloud mountain jam

8-Clouds afar


8-Green way 3

8-Hilltop Sun

8-Tagging trees

8-Way 2

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