Hiking in Italy 2007-09

After circling around in the Provence, I continued to Italy for some mountain hiking. There I concentrated around two areas: Lago di Garda (aka Gardasee in German) and the Brenta Dolomites.
For your information, the whole trip (Transport in Italy, Accomodation, Food, etc. - excluding Travel from/to Italy) did cost me about 600 €.

Have fun! Robert Lange, robert.lange@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de, 2007-12-30
The Google Map hiking tracks I created with the help of a Garmin eTrex portable GPS and gpsbabel + gpx2map.

Lago di Garda


I arrived in the afternoon by train from Torino and moved by speed boat to Limone sul Garda.
Pictures Boat Tour

I moved in at Hotel Limone. It was okay - just the (cheap) rooms toward the street are very noisy with all the motorcyclists passing by. And my room was right adjacent to the garden where several (loud) performances took place ...

Tour Monte Baldo

I moved by ship to Malcesine and took the cable car up to Monte Baldo.

Distance 11 km
Route Monte Baldo Route
Pictures Monte Baldo Pictures
Reference Lonely Planet "Hiking in Italy", page 143
Highlights Magnificient view down to Lago di Garda

Tour Valle del Singol

The next tour brought me up the mountains at the Limone side of the Lago di Garda. As I missed the bus, I did walked the route in the opposite direction.

Distance 23 km
Route Valle del Singol Route
Pictures Valle del Singol Pictures
Reference Lonely Planet "Hiking in Italy", page 149 (reverse)


Brenta Dolomites


I moved by bus from Limone sul Garda to Madonna di Campiglio, a (in winter times) busy skiing resort. Already on arrival I was overwhelmed by the pure beauty of the Brenta Dolomites.

My hiking base was Hotel All' Imperatore, a fine high-class hotel. Originally I wanted to stop in Hotel Palu which is run by the same owners than the Imperatore. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the Palu was closed down for this time of the year, so I was lucky to get an reduced-price offer in their Imperatore. I still payed 50€ a night, but it was fully worth it's money. You can find some pictures in the next section.

Sampling Via Brocchette

Here I was double unlucky. First I indended to take the cable car to reduce the height to climb. But it did stop just the weekend before, so I had to climb up from Madonna all by myself. This ate up a lot of time.
And secondly I wanted to have a first sampling of Via Ferrata, thus I wanted to explore the easy ones. Just I somehow managed to miss the entrace and to end up in Via Brocchette (said to be the most difficult one in the Brenta Dolomites). So I just tried it for a short distance, and then I had to turn back.
I definitely plan to come back - next time doing a multi-day hike up in the Brenta Dolomites themself.

Distance 26 km, Height difference 1500m - 3000m -1500m
Route Sampling Via Brocchette
Pictures Sampling Via Brocchette Pictures
Reference Lonely Planet "Hiking in Italy", page 207, 209 (intended tour)
Highlights Via Ferrata Experience

Tour to Lago di Nambino

To recover from the last day's long and exhausting trip, my final route just led me a few kilometers to a nearby mountain lake.

Distance approx 10 km
Route not tracked
Pictures Lago di Nambino Pictures


Additional Information

Source material for planning

This are the books I used for planning my trip. I highly recommend you to get them when you want to follow my track, because it will enable you to change the itineracy to your needs.



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