Biking in Provence 2007-09

In 2007 I decided to take my new motorcycle and move around, exploring some nice scenery here in Europe. After some investigation I settled for France' Provence - just because I newer was there and got some recommondations about it. To evade holiday season (and the hottest time) I went in September, which is said to be a good traveling time.

My tour took me by Car Train to Avignon, from there eastwards through the Provence, and then via the Alps to Torino in Italy. And to put first thing first: The Trip was really worth taking. You're welcome to enjoy the pictures and my trip information. On questions, inquiries or anything else you can contact me.
For your information, the whole trip (Transport by Train, Gasoline, Accomodation in Hotels, Food, etc.) did cost me about 414€ (Car Train) + 550 € (Others).

Have fun! Robert Lange,, 2007-12-30

The Route

Day 1: Avignon - Simiane-La-Rotonde

I arrived in the morning via Car Train and right ahead started my tour.
Pictures Boarding in Düsseldorf

Distance 190 km
Route Google Maps
Pictures Day 1
Accomodation Les Coustetes, A very nice and remote place (but not among the cheapest)
You can enjoy the quiteness and vastness of the Provence at it's best
Highlights Gorges de Nesque

Day 2: Simiane-La-Rotonde - La Palud sur Verdon

Distance 200 km
Route Google Maps
Pictures Day 2
Accomodation I just took the next one in Palud sur Verdon, so no assessment this time
Highlights Signal de Lure (Montage de Lure), From Malijai to Bras d'Asse,
Way to and around Grand Canyon du Verdon

Day 3: La Palud sur Verdon - Saint Etienne de Tinee

Distance 180 km
Route Google Maps
Pictures Day 3
Accomodation Hotel Amis (les), I took the cheapest room with shared facilities, and it just proved to be cheap in all aspects (next time I will gladly pay a little more to get a better room)
Highlights From Grand Canyon du Verdon to Castellane, Gorges de Daluis

Day 4: Saint Etienne de Tinee - Bardonecchia (Italien)

Distance 170 km
Route Google Maps
Pictures Day 4
Accomodation Residence La Tana del Ghiro, Giolitti 12, 10052 Bardonecchia, A big place which can host whole families during winter season all for myself, and for budget price. Thumbs up (even when I had some trouble to get into, because the manager had left already when I arrived - this was not so nice)
Highlights Col de Granges/Col de Restefond, Col de Vars, Col d'Iozard

Day 5: Bardonecchia (Italien) - Torino

Distance 160 km
Route Google Maps
Pictures Day 5
Accomodation B&B Al Porta Susa, A private run accomodation in the patron's (huge) flat. Central in Torino and very comfortable.
Highlights Tasting dust in the skiing area sidetrip (next time I will rent an enduro bike for this!)

Return to Germany

I spend some days in Torino, and then returned by Car Train from Verona, back to Germany.
Pictures Return to Germany

Additional Information

Source material for planning

This are the books I used for planning my trip. I highly recommend you to get them when you want to follow my track, because it will enable you to change the itineracy to your needs.



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