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Smaller Hiking Trips

2013-08: Two day trip around Bezau and Diedamskopf, Vorarlberg, Austria

A two day hike starting in Schoppernau, along the Bregenzer Ach, then crossing over Bizau to Bezau, climbing up to the Niedere. From there going all the way to Diedamskopf.
This time I took the cable car down. Ascent was a little bit too much.

Time approx. 15h
Distance 49km
Route Google Maps
Highlights A lot of cows
Accomodation Woods

2013-08-17: Daytrip from Hochgrat, Allgäu, Germany to Langen/Bregenz, Austria

This is the second part of the previous trip - from Immenstadt to Bodensee over the Nagelfluhkette.

Time approx. 9h
Distance 36km
Route Google Maps
Highlights Nice stroll along the Bregenzer Ach at the end of the trip

2013-07-06: Daytrip from Immenstadt to Hochgrat, Allgäu, Germany

Finally some nice weather this year, so I set out for a quick stride over the Nagelfluhkette from Immenstadt.

I managed to come close to the Hochgrat before descending again into the plains, catching a taxi with some fellow hikers back to the train station.

Time approx. 8h
Distance 22km
Route Google Maps

2012-09: One overnight in Mount Kujuu again, Kyushu, Japan

Last time when I went to this mountain we ended up in a snow storm (see TripsHiking2010Kujuu).
I always wondered how the mountain range will look in good weather. And this time I got the opportunity and seized it.
And it was worth it (as expected).

Distance approx. 23km
Time approx. 11h
Route Google Maps with pictures
Accomodation Camping ground 坊ヶツルキャンプ場 (Bokketsuru Camp Place)
Highlights Perfect weather and conditions - a beautiful view in beautiful mountains

2012-08: From Au to Hohenems in 1 1/2 days, Vorarlberg, Austria

Finally the weekend weather turned well, so I set out for another small trip into the mountains.

Because of other plans I started late on Saturday, so I just managed to get into the mountains from Au. After a (night-cold) rest I walked all the way over Hoher Freschen to Hohenems in one day.

Distance approx. 45km
Route Google Maps
Accomodation In some pass at 1600m (it got cold in the night, you know?)

2012-05: Three days Lechgebirge, Vorarlberg, Austria

Starting from Außerbraz (by bus from Bludenz), going up the Masonweg to the first night in Freiburger Hütte. This is a cosy winter hut, without toilet and water.
Next day bypassing the mountains (too much snow still) and going through the valley to Spullersee and reaching Ravensburger Hütte for the next night. Much larger winter room in the basement of the main hut, but with running water and toilet.
Last day going down to lech and boarding the next bus in Zürs.

Distance approx. 42km
Time approx. 20h
Route Google Maps with pictures
Accomodation Winter rooms in alpine huts
Highlights A lot of snow for (nearly) June - and a lot of Murmels

2011-10: Two days Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg, Austria

Starting from Ebnit (by bus from Dornbirn), over Hoher Freschen to the Freschenhaus for overnight.
Next looong day over Portlahorn, descending to Damüls, climbing up again crossing the Hochschere continuing until the Biberacher Hütte for the next night.
Next morning just going down to the road to catch a but back home. Which did not stop despite I waited at the bus stop. So walked until Schoppernau to get the next bus two hours later.

Distance approx. 50km
Time approx. 15h
Route Google Maps with pictures (first part track missing)
Accomodation Winter rooms in alpine huts
Highlights Nearly November, but still T-Shirt warm in the mountain sun

2011-10: Three Days Ammergauer Alpen, Bavarian Alps, Germany

A three-day trip with night in the woods through the Ammergauer Alpen. Nights were still fine, but started to become somewhat cold and the morning on the pasture was filled with dew. Great weather made up for it.

Coming from Oberau train station, crossing over Kofel and Sonnenberg, stopping near an old alm hut just after Pürschlingshaus (booked out). Next day moving over Hennenkopf and Klammspitzschrofen towards Hochplatte, stopping in Kenzenhütte for dinner and then taking rest on an (at this time uninhabitated) alm pasture. Final day crossing Hochplatte and descending to Schwangau via Tegelberg. Returning by bus/train.

Distance 60 km
Time approx. 28h
Route Google Maps with pictures (last day track missing)
Accomodation Tent on alm pasture and in the woods
Highlights Great weather, good view

2011-06: Two Days Walchensee, Bavarian Alps, Germany

A two-day trip with night in the woods around Walchensee lake, the entrance of the bavarian alps.

Coming from Kochel (train access), crossing over Jochberg to Walchensee, then moving north of Heimgarten/Herrengarten. Then ascenting to Heimgarten and crossing over Gratweg to Herrengarten (nice but overloaded with tourists) and going down to Walchensee again. Returning by bus/train.

Distance 32 km
Time approx. 14h
Route Google Maps with pictures
Accomodation Tent on alm pasture
Highlights Overnight stay on an empty alm pasture, 2 hours away from civilisation (unfortunately no cows)

2011-04-24: Two days Sächsische Schweiz, Germany

Two people on a two-day trip through the Sächsische Schweiz and back, staying at Thorwaldblick camping ground.

Again we took all food and cooking equipment with us and prepared meals on the hike.
The nights were still cold, but better than the trip before.

Distance 54 km
Time approx. 14h
Route Google Maps with pictures
Accomodation Tent on camping ground in Hinterhermsdorf

2011-04: Three Days Harz Mountains, Germany

A group of 2-5 people (group size changing by day), setting out for a three-day trip with nights on camping grounds, crossing the Harz mountains (and Brocken) from Thale to Ilsenburg.

As trial, we took all food and cooking equipment with us and prepared meals on the hike.
The nights were still quite cold, so bring a good sleeping bag with you.

Distance 96 km
Time approx. 25h
Route Google Maps with pictures
Accomodation Tent on camping grounds in Stiege and Schierke

2007-09: Day trips in Italy, Lago di Garda and the Brenta Dolomites

Hiking in Italy: Hiking in Italy 2007-09, Lago di Garda and the Brenta Dolomites

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