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Sethdepot and Web Services

Tweet file

Tweetifle receives a file via eMail, puts it into the file system and twitters the shortended URL along with the supplied text.
It can be run from the .forward file in the linux home directory of a mail server system.

See the source code for more information.

Get it from GitHub:

Tweet decay

Tweetdecay automatically deletes twitter tweets of a certain age (who is interested in old stuff anyway?) and the associated tweetfile images.

Earthquakes JApan Report

  • Using the data from Japan Meteorological Agency to feed a Twitter and Facebook account with earthquakes after they occur
  • So you can be up-to-date when and where Earthquakes are happening in Japan
  • Interval: 15 Minutes
  • Running since: Oct 2010
  • Deliberately not linking here. When you want to follow the Earthquakes JApan account and cannot find it just drop me a message and I will give you a pointer

Mail2Web Gateway

Service currently disabled because of no users

There are some countries (like for example Japan) where you can get darn cheap mobile E-Mail flatrates, but no direct internet access.
So I took the challenge to write a small mail-to-web gateway to be at least able to query train timetables and basic web pages.


  1. Send a message to currently not public mailadress
  2. You are verified based on the sender name and a pre-defined password in the subject line
  3. You request a page by a line in the mail body of the format
    DO command arguments 
  4. The Output is returned as attachment to the reply adress associated with your account.

Supported Commands

cmd Description
test Just returns a Hello World message
web Fetches the given web page
google Queries Google with the given search string
gfirst Queries Google with given search string and returns the first result
wadoku Queries the German-Japanese Wadoku dictionary
train Queries Norikae train time table

The argument for train has the format

  • Everything missing will be taken as current time
  • String literal TO. at beginning will select arrival-time instead of departure time
  • Examples
    • DO train TO.Tokyo.Miyaji - Timetable now from Tokyo to Miyaji
    • DO train TO.Tokyo.Miyaji. - Timetable from Tokyo to Miyaji on 5.45pm 20.Nov
  • Attention: When you misspell the stations you will get an meaningless error message

For wadoku German Umlaut-Replacements are performed

  • Ae: Ä, Oe: Ö , Ue: Ü, ae: ä, oe: ö, ue: ü, sz: ß

Sounds fun?

Soo, how you can do the same? I am still in testing phase, so no public access possible.
Just drop the admin a message and most likely he will add you as an user.

The source code for contributed development is available at

Freshmeat project page:

Attention: As this service is still beta, I am currently monitoring all accesses to be able to detect malfunctions. Please be aware about this fact. If you dislike this let me know and I will inform you when I am discontinuing the monitoring.

Logwatch Filter for Drupal Syslog Messages

Write a drupal syslog filter for the logwatch log analysis system.

Contact me

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