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Misc Tools and Programs

Here you find everything not fitting into any other place.

If you have any questions or feedback, just send me a mail.

HTML Include

Include other files in HTML Documents and update date entries to the current date.
The text portions to update are marked by special types of comments.

Get it from here:


Controls an Alice DSL Router Box
Supported type: o2 Box 4421


  • Login to maintenance web page
  • Turn WiFi On/Off

Get it from GitHub:

Thunderbird CSV to VCard

Converts Thunderbird addressbook export from CSV to VCard format.
The VCard file then can be used e.g. to import the contacts into an Android phone addressbook.

Get it from GitHub:

clip-curdir, clip-filename

Copies the current directory (clip-curdir) or the complete file name with path (clip-filename) to the middle-click clipboard.

Get it from GitHub:

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