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Finished Events and Trips in Japan during the Heinz Nixdorf Programme 2010

Finished Events

Route Logs

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Hike around Tsukuba-san Open Street Maps Google Maps
Amagi-san Traverse Open Street Maps Google Maps
Sea Shore Walk in Shimoda Open Street Maps Google Maps
Tokyo Park Tour / Google Maps
Hokkaido Hiking Trips Daisetsu-zan
Aso-zan from Miyaji Open Street Maps Google Maps
Aso-zan from Takamori Open Street Maps Google Maps
Yufu-dake near Beppu Open Street Maps Google Maps
Unzen on Shimabara Open Street Maps Google Maps
Neko-dake near Aso-zan Open Street Maps Google Maps
Yakushima 3d Crossing TripsHiking2010Yakushima
Caldera rim south of Aso-zan Open Street Maps Google Maps
Aso-zan from Nakamatu to Aso Open Street Maps Google Maps
Beppu to Hebi no Yu Onsen Open Street Maps Google Maps
Mt. Kujuu Winter Hike TripsHiking2010Kujuu
Kinpo-zan around Kumamoto City Open Street Maps Google Maps


Hike around Tsukuba-san

  • 8km, 5 hours from/to Tsukuba jinja-mae
  • Access on Sunday, 2010-06-06 (shifted one day due to weather forcast)
    1. Shin-Nakano Start: 08:16
    2. Board at Shin-Okachimachi the Tsukuba Express Semi Rapid at 08:52am
    3. Reach Tsukuba via Tsukuba Express Semi Rapid at 09:42am (1,390円)
    4. Kanto Tetsudo Bus from Platform No. 1 goes to Tsukuba-jinja
      Every Half Hour
    5. Hike Starts/Returns at Tsukuba-jinja
  • Meeting Point
    • First car of Tsubuka Semi Express, or when occupied the first free set of seats
    • In case I miss the connection let's try to meet at the 10:00 Tesudo Bus going to Tukuba-jinja
  • More Information

Izu-Hantou, Amagi-san Traverse

Day 1: Hike

  • 17km, 6 hours, Difficulty Easy
  • Hiking from 天城高原ゴルフ場 to 天城峠 bus stops
  • Hike through pristine forests along the highest peaks on Izu-Hantou
  • Access on Saturday, 2010-06-12
    1. Going to Ito by Train, 1660¥ (Result is provided by
    2. Bus to 天城高原ゴルフ場 (Amagi-Kougen), 500¥, Starts from Itou 伊東駅 ( ③ 番のりば ), 9:05 - 10:00
  • Meeting Point
    • First car of Odakyu Odawara Line Exp., starting 6:18 from Shinjuku
    • In case I miss the connection let's try to meet at the 9:05 Bus in Itou
  • Return with bus from Amagi-Touge 天城峠 to Shimoda
    1. Going to 河津駅 (Kawazu Station),
      • Bus time table
      • 50minutes travel time
      • Times: 15:18, 15:53 , last bus 16:58
      • Cost: 880¥ (better have it in the correct amount with you)
    2. Kawazu Station to Shimoda
      • Every half hour with train to IZUKYUSHIMODA, 480¥
  • In case you want to skip day two, it should be possible to return to Tokyo from Kawazu Station
  • More Information

Accomodation in Shimoda 下田

  • Not yet booked

Day 2: Relax at Shimoda

  • Then return to Tokyo at about 4pm
    • Option 1: Local Train, 3,940¥, 230 minutes travel time
    • Option 2: Ltd. Express Train, 6,620¥, 186minutes travel time, features a ride with the LTD.EXP SUPERVIEW ODORIKO 10
    • Option 3: Tokaibus - Will inquire with tourist information about schedule, price and time

Further Information

Tokyo Park Tour Walk

  • Overview
    • A spontaneous walk through some of Tokyo's gardens
    • Estimated full distance: About 15km
  • Stops

Hiking in Hokkaido

Hokkaido-Trip to Shikotsu-kou and Daisetsuzan National Park

  • Timeframe: Thu, 15.07 (Start in Haneda 14:05, Arrival 15:35) - Wed, 21.07 (Start from Chitose 09:00, Landing in Haneda 10:35)
  • Thu: Arrive in Sapporo, Ask Tourist Information Offices, Move to Shikotsu-ko (there are said to be direct bussed from the Airport)
  • Fri: Hike Around Shikotsu-ko, either Mt. Eniwa or Mt. Tarumaesan
  • Sat: Move to Souunkyou in Daisetsuzan National Park, Get Tourist Information Infos for the next two days
  • Sun: Hike Around Souunkyou Gorge or go by rental Mountainbike, LP 628
  • Mon: Reversed Hike 1. Day of Daisetsuzan-Tranverse, From Souunkyou to Asahi-Dake Onsen LPH 259
  • Tue: Return to Sapporo, Sightseeing there
  • Wed: Move to Airport and fly back to Tokyo
  • Transport
    • Thu 15.07: Sapporo Airport -> Shikotsu-kohan
    • Sat 17.07: Shikotsu-kohan -> Souunkyou 層雲峡
      • Shikotsu-kohan -> Minami Chitose, 9:45-10:29
      • Chitose-ASAHIKAWA 旭川 by JR: 3,150円、11:52-15:46 (234min)
      • Better: Take bus from Sapporo
      • Chitose-Sapporo by JR: 10:52 - 11:25, ¥810
      • Bus Sapporo-Asahikawa: 12:00 - 14:05, 2000円
      • Bus Asahikawa-Souunkyou: 14:35-16:25, 15:45-17:35, 16:35-18:25, 1950円
      • Souunkyou Tourist Information closes at 5pm
    • Tue 20.07: Asahi-Dake Onsen 旭岳温泉 -> Sapporo
      • Bus to ASAHIKAWA 旭川, 11:10 - 12:20
        Please recheck, according to LP there should be more connections
      • Take then Bus to Sapporo (every 30min)
    • Wed 21.07: Sapporo -> Airport
      • By JR: 07:35am-08:13am, 1040yen (pleae recheck)
  • Accomodation

Alternative Hokkaido Trip with Hiking in Niseko Area and Yotei-san

Hokkaido Guided Daisetsuzan Treks

Hiking in Kyushu

Yakushima 3 day Crossing

  • Aiming for following dates: Nov 3 (Starting in Kumamoto) to Nov 7 (Returning to Kumamoto)
  • Following LPH
  • See TripsHiking2010Yakushima

Aso-san Hike

  • Time: 7. August (when there's good weather)
  • Following LPH p.321
  • 5h, 16km + 1h for skipping the ropeway
  • Start Station: JR Miyaji
    • Bus from JR Miyaji to Sensui-kyo 仙酔峡 Ropeway: None
  • Finish Station: JR Aso
    • Returning Bus from Kusasenri-ga-hama 草千里ヶ浜 to JR Aso: available, Tourist information can help


  • Weekend Trip with Hiking
  • Hiking Yufu-dake Hike 由府岳
    • Come/Go by Bus from Beppu Station or Yufuin 湯布院 Station
  • First Train: Only possible when throwing in Express for 2500円 from Hita
  • Last Train Return: 17:38-22:03 (local)


  • Transport
    • From Kumamoto to Shimabara/Ferry
      1. Train: TATSUTAGUCHI-KUMAMOTO, 06:00-06:15, 220
      2. Bus: 熊本駅前-熊本港フェリーのりば前, 06:25-06:50
      3. Ferry: 7:30-8:00, 1520yen (往復)
    • To Unzen: Bus 8:06 (9:06 etc.), Going to 雲仙 Golf Place
    • Return Unzen-Shimabara: Bus 16:13-16:58, 17:23-18:08, 18:15-19:00
    • Return from Shimabara/Ferry to Kumamoto
      • 15:45-16:15, 17:30-18:00, 19:20-19:50; then with bus to the city

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