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HDL Source Code

Neural Network

During my thesis I developed a HDL implementation of a first order Backpropagation neural networks of arbitrary structure. No learning method is integrated. Every layer instantiates only one neuron which processes all all outputs in multiplex.
Read more in my paper .

The code itself is not yet published, because I need to rework and update the HDL for a recent device.
In case you're interested in Neural Networks let me know to speed up the conversion.

Hello World Blinker

A classical simple Hello World HDL description, which just blinks an LED with 0.5Hz and can be reset by a push button.
Along with a simple test bench.

Supported Boards

Get it from GitHub

UART Driver with Character Echo

This project is split in two parts.

Part one is the UART driver for communicating over a serial link. PC connection is possible over USB by using one of the many Serial-to-USB converters. See below.
Link configuration is 8 Databits, 1 Stopbit, No parity. UART speed is configurable by a Generic parameter.

Part two is mainly used as Testbench for the UART driver. The UART Character Echo just echoes back the received databyte. The repository includes the Toplevel, Testbench and the Xilinx ISE project setup. The UART driver itself is referenced as subproject.

While the design can be easily adapted to other devices the UART Character Echo is currently designed for

Get the UART Driver from GitHub - forked from pabennett
The UART Character Echo also

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