Digilent Adept Software

Command line tools for programming Digilent system board, such as the Coolrunner II Starter Board

Installation for Linux

My system: Debian Wheezy, AMD64 architecture

Install as Debian Packet

To retain a clean and updateable system I created myself a quick-hack of a debian package. It is based on Adept 2.10.2 Runtime and Adept 2.1.1 Utilities for X64 Linux. Other versions or architecture would most likely call for some adjustments.

During preparation I also adapted the udev rules to current (2013) udev syntax with improvement to allow acces only to users in group "plugdev". And I merged both Runtime and Utilities in one packet.

If you want to do the same, here are the steps to take.
Caution - Know what you are doing! It's a quick afternoons job, not fool-proof or anything

  1. Download Adept Runtime and Utilities from the Digilent page
  2. Extract the archives
  3. Read and accept the license from the downloaded archives
  4. Get the Debian package skeleton and extract it
  5. Get builder script
    • make_digilent_deb.sh
    • Update settings and take care about changed files for different upstream archives
  6. Run builder script
  7. Create the DEB package as shown by the builder script
  8. Install the DEB package with
    dpkg -i packagename.deb

Should also work with Ubuntu :-)

Use it to Programm a Device

Example: Coolrunner II Starter Board

  1. Generate the JEDEC programming file from within ISE Design Suite
  2. Plugin your board, check for the device
    djtgcfg --verbose enum
  3. Erase and Program (adapt values when required, see output of previous command)
    djtgcfg --verbose erase -d Cr2s2 --index 0
    djtgcfg --verbose prog -d Cr2s2 --index 0 -f filename.jed

There is also a ISE plugin available, but the installation failed for me. I did not investigated the cause further because the command line tools were doing the job perfectly.

Contact me

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